The Women #105: Helena Bonham Carter

Thanks again itsbliss for picking me as the winner for last weeks challenge. You all still have 2 more days if you want to do this challenge. I love romantic goth and she just dresses the part. Most of you know this wonderful actress. My favorite movies with her are: Harry Potter series, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Fight Club (first time I saw her). I can't wait for the Great Expectations to come out she is playing Miss Havisham. Not only does she dress quirky in her movies, but in real life. Some of the outfits she wears is insane but I LOVE HER!!!

Romantic Goth:
The romantic goth embodies what the original gothic style of arcitecture and liturature were all about: romance, decadance,an ornate asthetic,and the view that darkness and beauty are one in the same.

They have an appreciation for vintage clothing from many eras, but most have a particular fondness for the Victorian style. It was during the Victorian era that the gothic liturature movement emerged. Most romantic goths are avid readers of books from that movment and books in general.

They tend to be creative, imaginative, idealistic, sentimental, and have a love for all things old fashioned.