Ksenia Bradner in Ulyana Seergenko

Oprah Winfrey still has the power to attract big name stars for her talk show ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’.

Next up is Ksenia Bradner, who will make a guest appearance on the show airing August 19 on OWN.

In this picture we see the actress showing Oprah around her hometown in St. Petersburg, Russia wearing a cute custom silk polka dot dress from Russian designer Ulyana Seergenko.

Ksenia completed her look with Miu Miu glitter pumps, red lipstick and a hair clip.

In a style.com interview Ulyana talked about her collaborations with Ksenia:

Who would you like to dress that you haven't yet?
Now, we are getting a lot of requests from celebrities. But for me, they're all equal. Of course, it's a great pleasure that Ksenia [Bradner] chose our brand. She didn't know anything about us. She just met me in my own fur coat and boots more than a year ago, and she just asked where I bought them. I told her that I made them by myself, and she was very astonished. And since that time, she's a client of ours; we're really making a lot of pieces for her. I'm very, very happy that she's fond of them and she's wearing them everywhere. It's a great honor, but it's not a contract; it's not something commercial, it's love. We love her and she loves us."

This means Ksenia will treat us to more Ulyana Sergeenko looks on the red carpet soon enough.