The Historians #24: Moulin Rouge 1889 Paris

Thanks again lallaloub!!! Hope you all have fun with this challenge and can't wait to see all of your cancan looks!!

Now for the history ;)

Moulin Rouge (french for Red Windmill) built in 1889 by Josep Oller. This is where the can-can become what it is today. The Can-can was a popular dance of the working class that was danced with partners. The courtesans adapted the dance for the male clientele. At the beginning the dance was attempted to seduce the client by showing off just the leg then under garments. As time progressed the can-cans seen at the Moulin Rouge became more and more vulgar and overtly erotic, causing much public outrage.

The Moulin Rouge lost much of its former reputation as a 'high-class brothel' and it would soon become fashionable for French society to visit and see the spectacular cabarets, which have included a can-can ever since. The dance is recognisable for the long skirts with heavily frilled undergarments that the dancers wear, high kicks, hops in a circle whilst holding the other leg in the air, splits, cartwheels and other acrobatic tricks, normally accompanied by squeals and shrieks. As the dance became more respectable it became less and less crude, but the choreography is always intended to be a little risqué at times, somewhat provocative and 'a little naughty'.

My look is the conservative attire before it become risqué :)