Palettespiration #102: TARDIS

Thanks for passing the baton to me, Pnklmnade. ;) Well, as you all know this past week or so I've been binge-watching Doctor Who like no tomorrow, so it's only natural that this next challenge is also inspired by the much-beloved long-running British sci-fi series. The titular "Doctor" character may change every so often, but one thing always remains: The TARDIS (Short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space) - the blue time/space traveling Police Box that never goes out of style. :) And this week I want us to create looks inspired by the classic TARDIS color palette. Plus it's almost Fall so it's time for a more muted, darker color palette, right?

So this is my look inspired by this week's palette: Something old, something new, something borrowed... something blue... otherwise known as the TARDIS, that can take us anywhere in time and space.

So here we go, get on board the TARDIS with this week's palette everyone! Allons-y! ;)