Pnklmnade's First Year on SS. Partay!!!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to invite everyone with me on my Hawaiian vacation to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Shopstyle. My offical date is Aug. 30th, but I will be with family and catching up, so I didn't know if I would have time or even remember ;) to have a party. We are first heading to the beautiful island of Oahu to visit my husbands family. They are a big hawaiian chinese family and there will be loads of Ono food and stories, stories, stories ;) After visiting with them we will Head to the island of Kauai for the rest of our stay. 6 days of fishing, surfing (maybe) and being lazy with my dad, little sister (12) and grandparents. Yes when the kiddies are away we can play :D so of course after hours we can check out the local scene. The picture is the beach near my dad's house. Shipwreak beach in Poipu.

I will still try to participate in some challenges and comments when there is time. I'm too addicted to the site to be away for too long. Hope you all have fun with me and my family. We are big, loud and a whole lot of fun :)

Aloha!!! Be back Sept 6th!!!