First and Last #88: First Boots/Last Earrings

First Boots: I stole these from HarperLeo's stylebook a couple of days ago.

Last Earrings: I think I might have taken these from caiteeinparis's stylebook a long time ago (miss you, girl!). Since they are such a unique pair, I had a hard time suiting them to any of my looks, so I eventually forgot about them.

When I first put these items together, I knew I wanted to make a quirky schoolgirl-chic look with them. They both have a geeky feel(even the earrings, which are apparently inspired by prehistoric fossils). I eventually came up with this vintage-inspired look. It's a little offbeat and quirky, but oddly sophisticated. Perfect for fall -- and back-to-school time!

Hope you like it! :)