First and Last #90: First Pillow/Last Shoes

First Pillow: I think I might have gotten this one from Binky -- or was it thissideofgaudy? Either way, it was a while ago.

Last Shoes: I'm pretty sure I got these from Binky, from a spring look of hers some years ago. I've always wanted to use this pair, but I could never fit it with any of my looks.

When I first put these items together, I knew they's make for a colorful, somewhat ladylike look. (Luckily some of the colors on the shoe echo those of the pillow, so making it work wasn't too hard.) Here, I decided to use Blair Waldorf as an inspiration (again). This look is classic and feminine, with a fresh, youthful feel that's also a little edgy. Perfect for afternoon tea!

Hope you like it! :)