Modern Makeover #119: Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Congratulations HarperLeo on winning The Breakfast Club challenge! I just loved your look so much, you really gave such an impressive makeover, I'm sure even Ally Sheedy herself would approve. :) It was my pleasure to award you a win this week, keep up the great work darling.

This week's challenge is just so much fun to do. The Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely my favorite Halloween flick ever, and I'd love to go as Sally for Halloween. Too bad we don't celebrate Halloween here in Indonesia, which sucks because I love playing dress up. ;) Maybe someday I'd get to dress up as Sally, but in the meantime here's my modern makeover. I had to pull out that Michael Van Der Hamm dress from an old look, it's just perfect here.

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks HarperLeo for another great challenge!