Welcome Back (Sort of) SS! ;)

Well hello there, it's good to be back! :D As we all know, Sandy did not only displace so many people and cause devastation in the East Coast, it also affected all of us, around the world because this site we love so much took a hit too. It was hard going without Shopstyle for a whole week... I miss all of you guys and I miss creating looks in this site. The Shopstyle Team is working hard to get everything back to normal and today we finally get to create looks again. Yeay!

I know that this site is not fully back to normal yet, so I hope you are all patient since I know the Shopstyle Team is working hard to restore this site into its former glory. In the meantime, do get in on the fun and start creating looks as well as participate in whatever challenges you can. Let's help the team get this site back up to what it was before the hurricane. I've posted two challenges (Ballerina Lovers and Songspiration) so I hope you can participate. I won't pick a winner until everything is restored so take your time. Also, I think we should reset the challenges that never quite got finished pre-Sandy, since not everyone's looks are restored yet.

That being said, it's good to be back. Tanya80 suggested that we throw a party once everything is running smoothly again and I think that's a great idea. We shall await the invitations, Tanya. ;) Until then, I'll keep you posted on the restoration progress everyday. Thanks Mike and Team, you guys are the best! And to everyone else, I miss you so much!! xoxoxo