Male Factor #10: Henrik Vibskov Henrik Vibskov GT Leggings Femme

Henrik Vibskov fall 2011 men's collection featured men's leggings. How practical are men's leggings? Well they sort of are a long john right? so they could be worn obviously underneath the pant to keep warm, but would men be seen in leggings in this day and age? Yes it was a fashion statement during the Baroque era, and the reign of Louis XIV, the sun king. Since then you don't really see it. I was so interested in this whole men wearing (leggins,tights, nylons) that I had to investigate.

Here are some sites that i found ;)

P.S. I used to do these looks on my second page pnklmnadetwo, but I have decided to start doing them on my main page cause I really want you all to participate :D