For Fassionista

Hi darling, first of all, congrats on your recent purchase. ;) That skirt is so fabulous - I wish I were tall enough to wear maxi skirt. Sometimes being 5'3 totally sucks. Hehe. But anyway, on to your problem. (I'm also jealous that you're so tall the skirt doesn't fall down to the floor. I'd drown in that skirt!) - since I still can't master the art of walking in heels, I do wear flats pretty much everywhere, so I guess I can come up with some ideas for you.

I always love wearing a man's crisp white shirt - there's something so sexy about a woman wearing a man's shirt somehow - so I suggest you raid your hubby's closet and borrow his white shirt to wear with the skirt. Tie the shirt around the waist and pair the outfit with a pair of cool oxfords. I think this way you can pretty much wear this look anywhere - Shopping, brunch, coffee with your girl friends, etc.

Hope this helps, and I'm sure you'll rock the skirt no matter what. Thanks for considering my opinion. xoxo