Modern Makeover #122: Cosette (Les Miserables) and The Women #115: Amanda Seyfried

Thanks for inviting me to the latest Modern Makeover challenge, Binky! Like you, I'm a huge Les Mis fan and so am very much psyched for the film coming out this Christmas. (I can't wait to see what they do with my favorite songs, like "Bring Him Home", "On My Own", or "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" -- I just know that at the last one, I will be a sobbing mess.) Now Cosette isn't necessarily one of my favorite characters -- she's a bit bland for my taste -- but she's very sweet and innocent, and she grows up into a lovely young woman with a great sense of style! So I just had to do this tribute look for her. Plus, since Amanda Seyfried is playing her, combining this with her challenge was a no-brainer. This look is soft, feminine and restrained -- perfect for an ingenue like Cosette!

Hope you like it! :)