Songspiration #13: Benny And The Jets

God, I love this song! I would blast Elton John on my iPod and sang along (loudly) to this song... even though I get the lyrics all wrong. For instance, I'd sing: "She's got electric boobs" instead of "boots". And even though now I know it's boots, I still prefer "boobs", it just sounds more interesting ;p

My interpretation of this song is a glammed-up karaoke look. I've always wanted to throw an elaborate, glamorous karaoke party where everyone has to dress up like they're going on stage to perform. In this imaginary karaoke party, I'll be wearing this fabulous Christopher Kane dress while I'm belting out "Benny and The Jets" to my heart's content. And yes, it's "electric boobs". ;p

This challenge is so much fun, thanks HarperLeo! Sing it with me now:

B-b-b-Benny and The Jets! (BENNY!)