Modern Makeover #127: MEET MARIA FELIX!

This is my way to invite u all, I been really busy so, Meet Maria Felix.!!

María was born in Álamos, Sonora,
Mexico, my hometown!!! :)

Maria Felix has been one of the most representative actress of all times in Mexico, with her dominant personality and attractive beauty has become no only a referent of a national industry in the world but a fashion icon even after her death.

Friend of some avant-garde artists such as Diego Rivera, Jean Cocteau and Luis Buñuel, the “character” María Felix has become an access to the fashion world form the post-war period to Mexico.

With her consumption to the designs of Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton luggage has broke the paradigm about glamour and style in the country.

During 2010 V Magazine release an editorial with photographs from Mario Testino in collaboration with the Canadian super model Daria Werbowy showing the collection of serpent and crocodile diamond necklaces from Cartier made on honor to Mexican diva.
Here some imagens of the magazine:

Maria biography:

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More of Maria:
I can't wait to see your looks. Have fun everyone!