Just testing to see if I can actually post this look. I'm still unable to upload images, by the way. Are you all still having this problem too?

Let me know and I'll relay this all to the team. Thanks my lovely SS siblings, I miss you all!


I hope you've all gotten an email from Grace Hitchcock on the upgrade of this site, I know it'll still be a while until the site we know and all returns to its former glory, and be even more fabulous but we're a patient bunch, aren't we? :) Oh and I now can enlarge my items and it's so cool that I can move them anywhere. Still not able to upload images, but I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time now. I'm using this time to work on editing my novel, but I'll check in everyday to see the progress and will let you know once the new site is unveiled and we can resume our activities again.

---> WOOPS. Looks like the look turns out all jumbled up after I did an edit, but no matter. I'll leave it be so we can track the progress. :)
Until then. Miss you all!!!