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DITTO Men's Fashion

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Persol PO 2994 S Persol PO 2994 S extended-info


PO 2994 S

Persol has a way with taking a classic frame, adding some detail, and vuala! PO2994S is born. Try these on your DITTO, and instantly see yourself timeless.

Prada 0 PR 28 RV Prada 0 PR 28 RV extended-info


0 PR 28 RV

Have you always wanted to be an Italian stallion? Oozing sex appeal and confidence. Do we have the glasses for you. Take a note from the original Italian Stallion Mario Prada...

Ray-Ban RX 6238 Ray-Ban RX 6238 extended-info


RX 6238

Ray-Ban combines both plastic and metal in the RX6238 frame, both of which are sturdy materials that provide this frame with strength and durability.

Persol PO 0714 Folding Suprema Persol PO 0714 Folding Suprema extended-info


PO 0714 Folding Suprema

These legendary style icons were worn by Steve McQueen. They exude class and panache. The 714 folding frame is one of the cornerstones of the Persol collection.

Selima Andy Selima Andy extended-info



Andy's perfectly rounded curves and keyhole nose bridge are tried, and true. Leave it to Selima Optique to kick it up a notch with richly colored crystal and classic acetates....

Burberry BE 3040 Burberry BE 3040 extended-info


BE 3040

'Twas a boy who needed a change So he donned Burberry aviator frames His old specs were a waste And so he went chaste But now he taps all the dames

Selima Money 2 Selima Money 2 extended-info


Money 2

With an aviator model and colorful plastic frames, it is easy to see where these glasses got their name. 2-times the style. You'll be feeling like MONEY 2 in these stunners!

Ray-Ban RB 4147 Injected Man Ray-Ban RB 4147 Injected Man extended-info


RB 4147 Injected Man

With a straight-across-the-brow frame shape, these RB4147s are just flat out cool. We favor the gradient frames which adds a subtle distinction.

Persol PO 0649 Suprema Persol PO 0649 Suprema extended-info


PO 0649 Suprema

Take the Persol Folding Suprema's, remove the folding part and you get the PO0649 Suprema! Don't worry, you still get all the class and iconic look as the folders. Cool!

Original Penguin The Cleve Original Penguin The Cleve extended-info

Original Penguin

The Cleve

Round and round we go with the Cleve by designer Original Penguin. These half-rim prescription glasses in black are a classic and sophisticated look that will take you from the...

Ray-Ban RX 5169 Ray-Ban RX 5169 extended-info


RX 5169

Ray-Ban created a strong, rectangular style in the RX5169. It has a touch of masculinity, which is nicely balanced by the lightness of the transparent fading frames. For he who...

Persol PO 3012 V Persol PO 3012 V extended-info


PO 3012 V

With the 3012V, Persol decided that rather than reinvent the wheel, they would simply perfect it. Made in Italy and crafted to the exacting standards set forth by Giuseppe...

L.G.R Tangeri L.G.R Tangeri extended-info



Do you want to date gorgeous six feet tall actresses and supermodels? Do you ever find yourself jumping up and down on the couch of popular daytime television talk shows, elated...

Paul Smith Kennington Paul Smith Kennington extended-info

Paul Smith


Need proof that round glasses are magical? Look no further than one Mr. Harry Potter. Not convinced? Maybe music magician Janis Joplin rings a bell? Paul Smith channels unisex...

Paul Smith Padfield Paul Smith Padfield extended-info

Paul Smith


We arenât saying these are the actual frames that inspired comic book legend Jerry Siegel to write Superman, but we arenât denying it either. Itâs a Bird! Itâs a plane! Nope,...

Original Penguin The Davenport Original Penguin The Davenport extended-info

Original Penguin

The Davenport

The Davenport by Original Penguin is an utterly flattering menâs style that is strong, clean and masculine. Featuring unique two-toned temples to add spice.

Ray-Ban RX 5279 Ray-Ban RX 5279 extended-info


RX 5279

The RX5279 is a great contemporary style by Ray-Ban designed for men and equipped with sharp color combinations.

Oakley Metal Plate Oakley Metal Plate extended-info


Metal Plate

Oakley Metal Plate is a retro-inspired design made of lightweight titanium, a frame that proves even simplicity can be aggressively original.

Original Penguin The Luther Original Penguin The Luther extended-info

Original Penguin

The Luther

The Luther by Original Penguin sports the iconic browline style. Whether you find your musing in the dapper gents of Mad Men, the activist intellectual in Malcolm X, or the...

Oakley Holbrook Oakley Holbrook extended-info



Snowboarding superstar Shaun White worked closely with Oakley during the creation of Holbrook. Together they went back to vintage styles then set out to distill their own vision...

Selima Theo Selima Theo extended-info



You know how the saying goes; the more the merrier, right? Color that is. With Selima Optique's Theo frames, choose from Navy and Turquoise or Black and Red duos.

Original Penguin The Donovan Original Penguin The Donovan extended-info

Original Penguin

The Donovan

The noticeably trendy square shape of The Donovan glasses by Original Penguin easily makes for a most popular style. The swirling Smoke color adds flare to the already cool design.

Original Penguin The Les Original Penguin The Les extended-info

Original Penguin

The Les

The Les by Original Penguin is a great frame for smaller faces that captures a professional style. This unique rectangular frame has just the right touch of added color on the...

Original Penguin The Doyle Original Penguin The Doyle extended-info

Original Penguin

The Doyle

The Doyle by Original Penguin is an utterly flattering menâs style that is strong, clean and masculine. Featuring unique color combos to add spice.

Persol PO 2803 S Persol PO 2803 S extended-info


PO 2803 S

Known for it's classy look, Persol does it again in the PO2803S by showing off its renowned metal detailing and authentic craftmanship.

Selima Chad Selima Chad extended-info



Resembling the iconic wayfayer shape, these frames are great for smaller face shapes. Hand crafted in France.

Original Penguin The Eddie Original Penguin The Eddie extended-info

Original Penguin

The Eddie

The Eddie by Original Penguin sports the iconic browline style. Whether you find your musing in the dapper gents of Mad Men, the activist intellectual in Malcolm X, or the...

Original Penguin The Murphy Original Penguin The Murphy extended-info

Original Penguin

The Murphy

Classic and modern merge together in The Murphy by Original Penguin. Corner studs and a keyhole center add a touch of spice.

Ic! Berlin Hugo Ic! Berlin Hugo extended-info

Ic! Berlin


These ic! berlin Hugo glasses are so smart they just might get you into Mensa. With their square shape and metal detailing they not only look sharp as hell but also are durable...

Original Penguin The Teter Original Penguin The Teter extended-info

Original Penguin

The Teter

Original Penguin knows how to design a classic and stylish pair of glasses and the black Teter is no exception. With its square shape and metal detailing on the temples, this...

Original Penguin The Leonard Original Penguin The Leonard extended-info

Original Penguin

The Leonard

An update of a popular acetate look, the unique The Leonard by Original Penguin style stands out in its metal frame. The deep square with thin eye rims compliments a range of...

Oakley Crosshair Oakley Crosshair extended-info



Metal frames with teardrop lenses are time-honored designs. When Oakley created Crosshair, they respected the classics but added more than a few modern innovations in...

L.G.R Comoros L.G.R Comoros extended-info



You know how when the cashier says, "Your total comes out to $4.97." and you hand him a five dollar bill and tell him to "keep the change" with a grin on your face? It's that...

Paul Smith Welland Paul Smith Welland extended-info

Paul Smith


50's and 60's retro is back and presumably here to stay thanks to Mad Men (hell yes!). This is demonstrated by the popular skinny tie, the side part, and last but certainly not...

Paul Smith Surrey Paul Smith Surrey extended-info

Paul Smith


You may or may not have been a recent contestant on ABC's The Bachelor or Bachelorette series. IF by chance you were, the odds of you needing to conceal your identity are pretty...

Starck Eyes SH 3020 Starck Eyes SH 3020 extended-info


Starck Eyes SH 3020

Dear Diary, Today I became a Man. You guessed it - I finally got the guts to go up to Sherry Livingston and ask her to the big dance on Friday. What gave me the cojones to do...

Original Penguin The Lonnegan Original Penguin The Lonnegan extended-info

Original Penguin

The Lonnegan

If you are looking for a minimal yet stylish look,The Lonnegan by Original Penguin is a good start. This frame is simple, but with embelished acetate temples, a touch of style...

Starck Eyes 1043 Y Starck Eyes 1043 Y extended-info


Starck Eyes 1043 Y

Starck has delivered once again on combining sleek style with lightweight comfort in these 1043Y matte blue glasses. The designer glasses are made of carbon biozero, which...

Prada 0 PR 17 RV Prada 0 PR 17 RV extended-info


0 PR 17 RV

Fun Fact: The first pair of glasses was made in Italy in about 1286. Second fun fact: Prada is arguably the world's most famous Italian designer. So it makes sense that you...

Oakley Servo Oakley Servo extended-info



Dual colors of durable acetate highlight a confident look of take-charge ideas, and four different frame sizes let you pick the perfect fit. Oakley Servoâ"¢ adds even more...