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Anthropologie Rugs

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Anthropologie Kaleidoscopic Blooms Rug Anthropologie Kaleidoscopic Blooms Rug extended-info


Kaleidoscopic Blooms Rug

Geometric blossoms and their symmetrical, shooting leaves create a floral tessellation, bordered by knotted fringe.

Anthropologie Overdyed Naima Rug Anthropologie Overdyed Naima Rug extended-info


Overdyed Naima Rug

Overdyed to a rich jewel tone, this hand-knotted piece puts a twist on the classic Oriental rug motif by adding geometric details to the familiar florid lines.

Anthropologie Amala Flokati Rug Anthropologie Amala Flokati Rug extended-info


Amala Flokati Rug

Wool. Hand-knotted. Rug pad recommended. Professionally clean. Imported

Anthropologie Marmotinto Rug Anthropologie Marmotinto Rug extended-info


Marmotinto Rug

Hand-tufted rugs are a perfect fit for a living room or bedroom, since their plush, dense pile is comfortable enough to sit right down on. This piece has a hand-drawn look,...

Anthropologie Perfect Symmetry Rug Anthropologie Perfect Symmetry Rug extended-info


Perfect Symmetry Rug

The geometric pattern of this handwoven rug blends into bright and neutral color schemes, with ochre and mustard over a navy, gray and ecru pattern. Place it in a high traffic...

Anthropologie Alondra Rug Anthropologie Alondra Rug extended-info


Alondra Rug

This sequined floor covering is crafted of flatwoven jute screenprinted with a traditional Persian motif.

Anthropologie Chevron Path Rug Anthropologie Chevron Path Rug extended-info


Chevron Path Rug

Rife with zigzags and peaks, we love the play of patterns on this flatwoven rug.

Anthropologie Juliol Rug Anthropologie Juliol Rug extended-info


Juliol Rug

This cotton flatweave features a printed medallion motif of intricate, curlicue leaves often seen in traditional Indian patterns.

Anthropologie Lattice Flokati Rug Anthropologie Lattice Flokati Rug extended-info


Lattice Flokati Rug

A criss-crossed pattern of longer pile gives this hand-knotted rug textural variety - just what bare feet love.

Anthropologie Overdyed Vedado Rug Anthropologie Overdyed Vedado Rug extended-info


Overdyed Vedado Rug

Overdyed to achieve an opulently saturated hue, this printed rug with scalloped flourishes is a boldly colored update of a classic Persian pattern.

Anthropologie Aysel Rug Anthropologie Aysel Rug extended-info


Aysel Rug

The silky weave, geometric flora and subtle hues of this Oushak-inspired rug anchor a multitude of spaces.

Anthropologie Pebbled Pond Rug Anthropologie Pebbled Pond Rug extended-info


Pebbled Pond Rug

This rug's layered, organic shapes give way to clean white bands and dip-dyed fringe for an eye-catching floor covering.

Anthropologie Trudain Rug Anthropologie Trudain Rug extended-info


Trudain Rug

This brilliantly colored rug incorporates the layered diamonds and squares of traditional Heriz carpet prints.

Anthropologie Tufted Regalia Rug Anthropologie Tufted Regalia Rug extended-info


Tufted Regalia Rug

Wool, cotton. Rug pad recommended. Tufted. Professionally clean. Imported

Anthropologie Malachite Rug Anthropologie Malachite Rug extended-info


Malachite Rug

A geometric pattern mimics the stunning mineral layers of a stone.

Anthropologie Brilliant Poppies Rug Anthropologie Brilliant Poppies Rug extended-info


Brilliant Poppies Rug

Hand-tufted rugs are a perfect fit for a living room or bedroom, since their plush, dense pile is comfortable enough to sit right down on. Oversize poppies shoot up in an...

Anthropologie Kamala Rug Anthropologie Kamala Rug extended-info


Kamala Rug

Tufted zigzags and diamonds add dimension to this flat-woven, fringe-edged rug.

Anthropologie Deconstructed Bouquet Rug Anthropologie Deconstructed Bouquet Rug extended-info


Deconstructed Bouquet Rug

Originally inspired by a soft watercolor, this floral arrangement is vividly rendered in an abstract cutout pattern.

Anthropologie Moroccan Cross Rug Anthropologie Moroccan Cross Rug extended-info


Moroccan Cross Rug

The shaggy wool on this hand-woven carpet not only adds warmth to any room; its plush pile is comfortable enough to make for prime seating.

Anthropologie Rustic Living Rug Anthropologie Rustic Living Rug extended-info


Rustic Living Rug

Rustic Living Rug by Anthropologie, 3 X 5, Light Grey

Anthropologie Confetti Flora Rug Anthropologie Confetti Flora Rug extended-info


Confetti Flora Rug

Wool, cotton. Hand-crewel-embroidered. Rug pad recommended. Dry clean. Imported

Anthropologie Empire Tile Rug Anthropologie Empire Tile Rug extended-info


Empire Tile Rug

Bands of gold traverse the geometric pattern of this striking floor covering.

Anthropologie Mutabilis Rug Anthropologie Mutabilis Rug extended-info


Mutabilis Rug

Lush wool-crewelwork hibiscuses shift hues across the floor, from saturated fuchsia, brown and burgundy to spectral grey.

Anthropologie Broad Brushstroke Rug Anthropologie Broad Brushstroke Rug extended-info


Broad Brushstroke Rug

Expressive splashes of color give this luxe shag carpet a painterly elan.

Anthropologie Diamond Interlock Rug Anthropologie Diamond Interlock Rug extended-info


Diamond Interlock Rug

Wool, cotton. Flatwoven. Rug pad recommended. Spot clean. Imported

Anthropologie Taborana Rug Anthropologie Taborana Rug extended-info


Taborana Rug

Textural highs and lows create a landscape evocative of the stone paths and soaring architecture of the Old World.

Anthropologie Fringed Flokati Rug Anthropologie Fringed Flokati Rug extended-info


Fringed Flokati Rug

This hand-knotted rug is the product of an intricate process that includes hand-tying thousands of knots, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for decades.

Anthropologie Laurette Rug Anthropologie Laurette Rug extended-info


Laurette Rug

Laurette Rug by Anthropologie, 8 X 2.5, Cream

Anthropologie Bloomstudy Rug Anthropologie Bloomstudy Rug extended-info


Bloomstudy Rug

Originally a watercolor painting by one of our designers, this striking palette has the look of an admired garden clipping, arranged in a window's evening light.

Anthropologie Jovana Rug Anthropologie Jovana Rug extended-info


Jovana Rug

This vibrant floor covering features vibrant embroidery that calls to mind ancient tapestry motifs.

Anthropologie Caterina Rug Anthropologie Caterina Rug extended-info


Caterina Rug

Wool. Hand-tufted. Rug pad recommended. Professionally clean. Imported

Anthropologie Succulent Garden Rug Anthropologie Succulent Garden Rug extended-info


Succulent Garden Rug

A teeming array of greens, fuchsias and teals form a vivid, verdant carpet.

Anthropologie Floral Needlepoint Rug Anthropologie Floral Needlepoint Rug extended-info


Floral Needlepoint Rug

An oversized floral design has the look of delicate hand-work, enhanced by the light sheen of viscose.

Anthropologie Indigo Ripple Rug Anthropologie Indigo Ripple Rug extended-info


Indigo Ripple Rug

A spectrum of blues mingle and overlap, painting a swirling portrait of a choppy, frothing sea.