12-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

Once you've had coffee from just-ground beans, it can be hard to go back. But getting out the coffee grinder can be tough, well, before Cuisinart. This Grind-and-Brew 12-cup coffee maker combines elegant Italian styling with American ingenuity. It will automatically grind the whole bean before brewing. The best part? You can program it up to 24 hours in advance, meaning you can wake up to freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. If you're out of whole beans, there is an option to shut off the grind feature and use already ground coffee. When the coffee is ready, a beep will sound, but anyone who can't wait for that first cup will make use of the Brew Pause feature. It is designed with a charcoal water filter to remove impurities before brewing. There's a programmable automatic shutoff, anytime up to four hours away. The carafe has an ergonomic handle, dripless spout, and knuckle guard. One- to four-cup feature. Separate grinder chamber and filter area make for easy cleanup. Limited 3-year warranty.Sleek, good-looking, hardworking, and there for the duration, Cuisinart has all the makings of a perfect partner. Having won the praise of Julia Child, James Beard, and Jacques Pépin, the brand is a kitchen superstar for kitchen superstars and has been a classic foodie favorite ever since its revolutionary food processor hit the States in 1973.
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