2Modern Belt Chair By Mater

The Belt Chair is a modern adaptation of the traditional 'charpoy' (literally translates to four legs), which are often woven with ‘niwar’ or cotton webbing. The chair is made in solid beech, and in vegetable tanned leather (as is used in high quality belts). The generous shape, and clean lines make the chair extremely comfortable, and at the same time, a modern classic. The chairs are produced in small batches by skilled carpenters from the ‘jangid’ community in Rajasthan, India, and the leather is processed in tanneries that specialize in vegetable tanning (i.e. a tanning process that uses tannin, and other substances of plant origin) thereby sustaining the environment as well as cultural traditions. The chair can also be stacked in order to save space. Materials: Black stained beech wood with black vegetable tanned leather.