2Modern Mirage 8222 Audio Tower By BDI

The MIRAGE collection's gloss black finish beautifully complements today's home theater components. Grey tinted glass doors conceal components, yet keep them IR-remote accessible. Integrated features such as adjustable, ventilated shelves, cable management, and hidden wheels are engineered to provide the ultimate in function and style. Mirage 8222 is an attractive addition when used with the Mirage cabinet or on its own. A reversible IR-friendly grey tinted glass door conceals five adjustable shelf compartments, allowing the cabinet to be customized to fit components of almost any size. There is a dedicated vent in the back panel where the user can install an internal fan (up to 3.15" square) for additional heat exhaustion. Features: Hidden wheel for easy movement Integrated wire management Flow-through ventilation keeps components cool Reversible, IR friendly, gray tinted, tempered glass doors Easily adjustable integrated levelers (use to accommodate uneven floors or lift the cabinet off its wheels) 4 adjustable shelves. Center fixed shelf can accommodate 5-7 components; top shelf capacity: 50 lbs. Removable back panel allows easy access to cables and connections Dedicated vent to install an internal fan for heat exhaustion (fan not included) Compatible with the MirageTM Home Theater Cabinet 8224 and MirageTM Home Theater Cabinet 8227-2 Available in Gloss Black finish Materials: Gloss black finish. IR-friendly grey tinted glass door.