2Modern Shell Dining Chair By Mater

Black Beech/Black Leather ,
Black Beech/Brown Saddle Leather ,
Dark Oak/Black Leather ,
Dark Oak/Brown Saddle Leather ,
Sirka Grey Oak/Black Leather ,
Sirka Grey Oak/Brown Saddle Leather ,
Soaped Oak/Black Leather ,
Soaped Oak/Brown Saddle Leather
The Shell Chair is developed out of Michael Dreebens ongoing interest in traditional craft practices in North India - in this case saddle making. Exquisitely made saddles have been produced in India for centuries, and although some horse culture persists, it's waning as India becomes more technologically developed. The Shell Chairs attempt to incentivize this skilled trade by providing these artisans with a new market for their craft, and hopefully encouraging them to pass it on to younger generations. The shape of the chair is an homage to Scandinavian design of the mid-twentieth century and embraces some of its core values: it's clean of line and is intended to emphasize the leather forming and stitching, it's deeply comfortable, and it's durable – like the saddles it's derived from, it's crafted from thick, top-grain leather, and with reasonable care, will last for decades. Mater,Modern Chairs