Anolon 2-pc. Nonstick Advanced Bakeware Loaf Pan Set

Bake up scrumptious loaves of bread or meat with the Anolon 2-pc. Advanced Bakeware Nonstick Loaf Pan Set. The nonstick construction features best-in-class technology and design, so you can expect food to slide easily out of the pan. Easy removal reduces cracks and crumbling, letting you serve beautiful, whole meat loaf or bread. Because the pan and insert are dishwasher safe, clean up is a breeze. Slide food out of the pan, rinse away crumbs or oils if necessary and toss both pieces into your dishwasher. We know that healthy food is important for you and your family, but you don't have to forgo flavor to bring lean meals to your table. The Anolon 2-pc. Advanced Bakeware Nonstick Loaf Pan Set is designed with an insert, letting you lift meat out of the pan while fat and grease drip away. Save the fat for use in making gravies or throw it out, but serve up every bite of delicious meat with your favorite seasoning or sauce. Take the insert out of the pan, and you have a loaf pan that meets the needs of almost any bread recipe. Bake traditional yeast loaves, opt for a quick bread recipe for hearty additions to soups or bake favorite desserts like pound cake. Use the pan to incorporate hidden veggies into your family's diet when you make things such as zucchini bread. Best Used For: Use this pan to make your own signature meatloaf made of ground beef, chicken or pork; pound cake; yeast bread; quick breads; or dessert breads. Features: Dishwasher safe Limited lifetime warranty Carbon-steel construction Oven safe
  • Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions: 9x5-in. (inner dimensions)
  • Material: Heavy Weight Carbon Steel
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime