Arzberg Sun Dinner Plates (Set of 4) by

Sepia ,
Tropic ,
Blue ,
Meeting ,
Light Blue ,
Caribic ,
Green ,
Light Green ,
Orange ,
Cool ,
Office Black ,
Curl Ocean ,
White ,
Spring ,
Fresh ,
Ocean ,
Curlot ,
Festival ,
Yellow ,
Curl Tropic ,
Hot ,
Violet ,
Set of 4 
Arzberg Sun Dinner Plates: Whether breakfast for two or dinner with friends, TRIC's tableware pieces will create the perfect setting. TRIC, the award winning design from Micheal Sieger, embodies practicality, style and function. A classic and colorful collection that is fun to mix and match. From bold and energetic to soft subtle colors, or a little of both, this line is perfect for any host. From oven to table to refrigerator, TRIC's multi-functional pieces make entertaining a breeze. Since 1887 the Arzberg company has stood for the highest quality in materials and design. Known for their simple, no-frills designs, so timeless as to always remain contemporary.
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