Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Shine Shampoo

10.5 fl oz 
New With Nourishing Wheat Complex and Palm Extract Illuminates dull or damaged hair Aveeno® Nourish+Shine Shampoo does much more than nourish and cleanse - it effectively removes dirt and oil, and prevents build-up, to illuminate the dullest hair, giving it shiny, vibrant life, Scientific studies show that just three washes helps repair damage, providing the three key elements that give hair life-strength, softness and shine.* This exclusive Active Naturals® formula, infused with Nourishing Wheat Complex and Shine Enhancing Palm Extract, is designed to feed your hair by replenishing moisture and enhancing reflectivity of dull or damaged hair. It targets the weakest part of the hair - fortifying the hair shaft with protein where it needs it most. Developed by a team of experts, including a scientist, dermatologist and leading stylist, our Active Naturals® formula harnesses the power of nature combined with advanced scientific methods, and is shown to give you the beautifully strong, healthy looking hair you desire and deserve. And because it's from Aveeno® you can trust that it's gentle on color-treated hair. Aveeno® Dermatologist recommended for over 60 years. *Nourish+Shampoo Conditioner system Recycle because it matters. Please dispose of this bottle with care: recycling may be limited in your area. Please check with your local municipality or recycling center. Questions? 1-866-428-3366