Bed Bath & Beyond BeanSafe Coffee Canister - Stainless Steel/Black

Stainless Steel
The best-tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans. Once roasted, coffee beans or ground coffee must be stored properly to retain their full flavor and preserve freshness. BeanSafe coffee containers are designed to protect prized coffee beans from air, moisture, heat, light, and carbon dioxide exposure. Features four locking clasps and a silicone gasket, plus a unique aeration system that employs a patent pending one-way pressure release valve that keeps air and moisture from entering the canister while letting carbon dioxide to escape. This ensures that roasted coffee beans or ground coffee inside the container will remain exceptionally aromatic and perfectly flavorful. Pressure valve never needs to be replaced and is dishwasher safe. Handsome and durable stainless steel construction would be a welcome addition to any kitchen countertop. Includes coffee scoop. 16-oz. capacity. Imported.
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