Bed Bath & Beyond Kuvings® Silent Juicer in Chrome

This upright masticating juicer boasts silent operation and a wide array of features that will satisfy all of your juicing needs. It also comes with a detachable smart cap to let you easily make mixed juices and eliminate messy drippings. See Full Details
  • Low-speed masticating technology (80rpm)squeezes every drop of juice from a diverse set of ingredients and maximizes nutritional value while providing natural flavors with a light amount of pulp and fiber
  • 240-wattbrushless AC motor efficientlytransferspower to theULTEM juicing screw (auger) to generate a large amount of force at low speed
  • Low speed juicingprevents heat buildup and oxidation thatdegrade nutrients and natural enzymes
  • Detachable smart cap allows foreasy rinsing and cleanups
  • BPA free components ensuresjuice will never be contaminated withunwanted chemicals
  • Auto shutoff function
  • Includedcleaning tooland brush makes cleanup a breeze
  • Compatiblewith Kuvings® Frozen Dessert Maker (sold separately); allows theKuvings® Silent Juicer to make frozen desserts, mince fruits and vegetables, and even make baby food
  • Measures 6.5"L x 9.6"W x 17.1"H
  • Imported
  • Ten-year manufacturer's warranty
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