Birki's Shetland (Birko-FlorTM)

White Birko-FlorTM
44 (US Men's 11-11.5, US Women's 13-13.5) Narrow, 45 (US Men's 12-12.5) Narrow 
The Shetland is a great and versatile clog from Birki's®. Easy care Birko-Flor™ upper features a compressed felt backing with a textured finish to simulate the look of leather. An adjustable strap and flap with snap closure offers a fit that will accommodate most shapes and sizes. Anatomically correct cork and latex footbed, crafted from cork that is 100% renewable and sustainable, encourages foot health. Raised toe bar is designed to encourage the natural gripping motion of your feet, exercising your legs and aiding circulation. Neutral heel profile and deep heel cup keeps the natural padding of your foot where it belongs, under the heel, distributing your body weight more evenly. Flexible EVA outsole offers lightweight, shock absorbing support with lasting durability. You will enjoy your Birki's® for years because they can be repaired, resoled or even completely renewed. Made in Germany.
$99 $24.75