Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Skincare Basics

What is it: Three steps to a fresh, sparkling-clean complexion: Bobbi's ultimate skincare starter kit contains her creamy Lathering Tube Soap (4.2 oz./125ml) to take off all traces of dirt and makeup. Sprinkle in some Buffing Grains (.99 oz./28 g), and the lather becomes a gentle yet effective polishing scrub. Protective Face Lotion (1.7 oz./50 ml), keeps skin hydrated and protected. Who is it for: The woman or man in your life who wants clean, fresh and hydrated skin all year round. Why is it different: Bobbi's skincare products are luxurious in texture, easy to use, and incredibly effective—everything you need to feel fresh and look gorgeous.How do I use it: Day and night, begin with Lathering Tube Soap. Sprinkle in Bobbi’s Buffing Grains to create an easy exfoliator. After cleansing, apply Protective Face Lotion to keep skin hydrated and protected.A value of $122, yours for $110.
Bobbi Brown
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