Börnr Combi Chef Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Food Slicer and Grater

A Chef's dream. Slice up your favorite fruits, veggies, cheeses and more with the Combi Chef Four in One Food Slicer and Grater by Borner. The fruit holder protects your hands while slicing, but it's not just for fruit. Make delicious hash browns with the 2 directional julienne slicer, grate your favorite cheese with the fine grater for authentic homemade pizza, use the 2 directional coarse grater and the 2 directional slicer on carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and more for restaurant quality salads. Your options are endless. Includes a convenient rotating drawer to catch all of your cuts, so you can easily add them to a pan or mixing bowl. This stainless steel German made grater is sure to last.
  • Four sided slicer
  • Catch-all drawer
  • Fruit holder
  • Cover for safe storing
  • Two directional coarse grater
  • Two directional slicer
  • Two directional julienne cutter
  • Fine grater
  • Stainless steel German made blades
  • Nonslip edge
  • Easy grip, nonslip handle
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