Breville EasySear Slow Cooker

Still using that old crock pot? This innovative slow cooker from Breville features a nonstick aluminum insert that moves from stove to cooker to tabletop. Sear meats on the stovetop to seal in flavor and juices, then transfer to the cooker and finish slowly for tender, falling-off-the-bone results. Three temperature settings allow you to perfectly cook meats, soups and more. Use the low setting to gently simmer roasts, braises and tougher cuts of meat for long periods of time without over-cooking or burning—no stirring required! Manufacturer: Breville Model: BSC560XL Includes: Slow cooker, roasting rack, lid, removable silicone handle covers Material: Stainless steel, aluminum Care: Hand wipe unit clean. Hand wash insert and roasting rack. Do not immerse housing or power cord Dimensions: 181⁄4" x 111⁄2" x 91⁄2" Capacity: 7 qt. Warranty: 1 year FEATURES Stainless steel, 7-quart slow cooker features a wrap-around heating element for consistent, even heating EasySear nonstick aluminum insert functions as a premium piece of stand-alone cookware—sear, sauté or brown on the stovetop, then finish in the slow cooker without losing any pan juices. Insert also makes a convenient serving dish Temperature-control dial features three heat settings for cooking a wide variety of dishes Domed stainless steel lid seals in heat and moisture, ensuring dishes remain tender and moist Removable silicone handle covers for a heat- and slip-resistant grip Included stainless steel roasting rack elevates food while cooking, allowing heat and moisture to circulate evenly Cord is removable for easy storing
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