by Terry Hyaluranic Sheer Rouge

The synergy of a lipstick and a balm for an ultra-luminous smile By Terry's new red balm with hyaluronic acid treats lips and adorns them in glossy-plumping shine. Bringing added volume, lips are left soft and supple with an ultra-glamorous glossy finish. Key Benefits: A plumping and hydra-filler formula Fills in wrinkles and fine lines Moisturizes lips & plumps up the mouth Protects lips from UV rays Adorns lips in an ultra-comfortable sheer shade FEATURES: The highly comfortable, filmogenic, and gel melt-in texture envelops lips in a veil of glossy color. Its delicate floral violet, rose and iris scent beautifully harmonizes with light notes of mimosa, raspberry, vanilla and musk, for increasingly sensual lips