Calphalon Nylon Turner Tongs


Calphalon Nylon Turner Tongs
•Whether you're plucking fried dumplings from a wok, sauteing green beans in a skillet or turning chicken in a fry pan, you'll love the firm grip and easy maneuverability of our nylon tongs
•Long, comfortable handles keep hands a safe distance from hot foods; Calphalon nylon utensils feature a unique "grip-anywhere handle" that lets you decide where to hold it
•Crafted with heat-resistant soft-touch silicone accents, these utensils give you a perfect balance of comfort and control; Innovative head designs make dozens of cooking tasks easier; Nylon is heat-resistant to 400-Degree F/204-Degree C
•Grooved, no-slip grippers give you a firm hold on foods as you turn them; Locks in closed position for compact storage
•Dishwasher safe
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