Boot Leather Charger Cord Wrap, Tan

Simplicity is the goal here. Attach to your charger cord of choice and you're done. Instant organization: and that's worth something these days.Dust Bowl Dry Goods seeks to epitomize the grit, fortitude, and perseverance of the Great Depression generation. The principle and integrity of those who "got by" during those darkest of times, when the sky was literally black, is reflected in its products. Raw materials used are the best of Americana, and in many cases these materials have been the best for decades, put to the test by farmers, ranchers, loggers, and oilmen. Repurposing vintage materials is also one of the company's mainstay methods. And, of course, all of this is done by hand, one piece at a time, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Red Wing boot leather
$20 $15
One Kings Lane