Chef's Choice M4643 Pronto Pro Manual Sharpener

Keep all your best knives sharp with the ProntoPro from Chef's Choice. Fast manual sharpener can apply 15º edges for Asian style knives and 20º edges for European and American styles. The narrower edge is better for thinner, more precise cutting and slicing. Two stage manual sharpener uses diamond abrasive wheels to produce a sharp blade in seconds. Criss-Cross technology produces a stronger, more durable arch-shaped edge. Sharpens straight edge as well as serrated edge knives. Soft-touch handle provides a fatigue-free grip for safe operation. Non-slip pads keep the sharpener secure on the counter while in use. Compact design fits easily into a drawer or keep within easy reach on top of the counter. Model number: M643 ; Made in the U.S.A. Width: 2. Length: 9.5. Weight: 7 oz.
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