Chef's Choice Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Santoku/Asian Knife Sharpener #463

manual asian knife sharpener 
Fastest 2-stage manual sharpener for double-bevel straight-edge and serrated Asian-style knives. Fastest 2-stage manual sharpener puts a stronger, razor-sharp, arch-shaped 15 degree bevel edge on double-bevel, straight-edge and serrated Asian-style knives. 100% diamond abrasive wheels ensure astonishingly sharp edges in seconds: Stage 1 sharpens and Stage 2 hones and polishes double-bevel edges with micron-size diamond abrasives. Sharpens double-bevel santokuAsian-style knives, tip to blade. Ensures precise bevel angle control for a 15-degree edge. Diamond abrasive wheels sharpen simultaneously "into" and "out of" the knife edge for a premium burr-free edge. Criss-Cross sharpening technology produces sharp edges with plenty of bite. Accurate angle guides ensure precise angle control. Diamond abrasive wheels hold their shape indefinitely, unlike ceramic wheels. Diamond abrasives do not load up, so no messy oil or water is needed. Sharpener is exceptionally safe and easy to use. Comfortable sure-grip handle. Nonslip rubber feet keep sharpener secure when in use. Compact size stores in a kitchen drawer. Stainless-steel and molded thermoplastic
$55 $39.95