Chef's Choice WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker, 830B-SE

Deliciously light and crispy belgian waffles are hot 'n' ready to serve in 90 seconds! The most innovative waffle-baking system to date lets you select the texture and browning by using the texture-select switch. Choose "Crisp Exterior, Moist Interior" for crispier outsides with light and airy centers, or "Uniform Texture" throughout. Select the browning level using the dial gauge from 1 to 6. Restaurant-quality WafflePro Belgian waffle maker features "ready" beeper, "baking" and "ready" indicator lights for perfect "sweet cakes" every time. Instant temperature recovery allows continuous baking for extra please discriminating guests. Unique "floating" hinge accommodates varying amounts of batter to ensure uniform baking; deep-pocket grid and easy-to-reach overflow channel are nonstick for simple cleanup. With its built-in cord storage compartment, you can store this waffle maker upright to save pantry space. Instructions and recipes included. Whether you enjoy vanilla-based batters, "egg-ier" batters, or whole grain and fresh fruit, Chef'sChoice WafflePro will be your most-used breakfast appliance. 1-year manufacturer warranty. 8 78"W, x 9 12"D x 3 18"H.
  • Texture-select switch lets you choose the outer crispness and center texture
  • Select the browning level using the color control dial, gauging from 1 to 6
  • "Ready" beeper, alerts you when waffle is done
  • "Baking" and "Ready" indicator lights let you know cooking progress
  • Floating hinge ensures uniform baking and thickness
  • Instant temperature recovery lets you bake waffles darker
  • Deep-pocket quad grid and overflow channel are nonstick for easy cleanup
  • Instructions and recipes included
  • Cord stores in its own compartment
  • Unit stores conveniently upright to save shelf space
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
$80 $59.95