Chefs Black Silicone Locking Tongs, Set of 2

set of 2
Heat-resistant silicone locking tongs grip and turn delicate fish fillets, French fries or steaks, without tearing. CHEFS silicone tongs turn tender fish fillets, flip meat without piercing, lift potatoes, corn on the cob or shellfish from boiling water. Ideal for nonstick cookware, versatile set of 2 silicone locking tongs are heat-safe to 450 F, to glide under delicate foods, without crushing. Quality cooking tongs turn bacon in a skillet, French fries in an oven or pork cutlets on the grill. Transfer soft vegetables such as asparagus, cooked cabbage or roasted peppers from pan to platter or plate an arrangement of meats and cheeses. Ideal salad tongs to toss and serve fresh crisp lettuce greens. Soft-grip panels and thumb indents for comfortable, nonslip grip. Locking pull tab is a convenient hanging loop. 188 stainless-steel. CHEFS signature collection of professional-quality cookware, kitchen tools, bakeware, dinnerware and more is meticulously crafted and tested to delight the most discerning cook. CHEFS commitment to innovative, functional design is the key to delivering products of exceptional quality, performance and durability for home and professional kitchens.
  • Set of 2 includes 9" and 12" tongs
  • Silicone tips glide under food to turn or serve without tearing
  • Heat-safe to 450 F and safe for nonstick cookware
  • Silicone tips easily turn delicate fish fillets, flip meat, lift potatoes or shellfish from boiling water without piercing
  • Transfer soft vegetables onto platter or plate meats and cheeses
  • Ideal tongs to toss and serve salad
  • Ergonomically-engineered handles with soft-grip panels and thumb indents for comfortable, nonslip grip
  • Durable 188 stainless-steel
  • Locking pull-tab loop closes tongs for in-drawer storage and is a convenient hanging loop
  • CHEFS signature professional-quality cookware, tools, bakeware, serveware and dinnerware are meticulously crafted and tested, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in the kitchen
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