Chefs Granite Mortar and Pestle

Solid mortar and pestle grinds, crushes and mixes spices, herbs, garlic and more. With the substantial weight, wide, hand-carved shape and pedestal base, this granite mortar and pestle gives you ultimate control and stability grinding spices and herbs. Hand-ground mortar and pestle extracts natural flavors and oils for rubs, dips, dressings and marinades. Textured interior provides the friction required for quick, efficient grinding. Long pestle handle ensures comfortable positioning in the palm of the hand to crush and grind more spices effortlessly. Also ideal to grind nuts into fine texture. Hand wash. CHEFS signature collection of professional-quality cookware, kitchen tools, bakeware, dinnerware and more is meticulously crafted and tested to delight the most discerning cook. CHEFS commitment to innovative, functional design is the key to delivering products of exceptional quality, performance and durability for home and professional kitchens.
  • Substantial weight and wide, hand-carved shape for ultimate control grinding spices and herbs
  • Carved by hand from a single block of stone, with pedestal base for stability
  • Textured interior extracts natural flavors and oils from spices and herbs for rubs, dips, dressings and marinades
  • Weighty balanced bowl is wide to mash avocadoes for guacamole or spices for salsa
  • Also ideal to grind nuts into fine texture
  • CHEFS signature professional-quality cookware, tools, bakeware, serveware and dinnerware are meticulously crafted and tested, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in the kitchen
$40 $29.95