Chefs Pastry Cutter and Bowl Scraper Set

3-piece set
Measure, divide, chop, dice and transfer with this 3-piece bowl scraper set. Measure, divide, chop, dice and transfer ingredients and scrape bowls. Multitasking pastry scraper with measurements etched on blade allows precise cutting to accurately divide pastry, bread or cookie dough. Scrape dough from cutting board. Slice and divide hors d'oeuvres, empanadas, pasta or pierogies. Straight-edge stainless-steel blade breaks apart ground beef or pork in a fry pan for uniform cooking. Slices pizza into uniform portions. Evenly cuts cakes, brownies or bars. Nonslip handle ensures comfortable hand grip to chop vegetables, without straining wrists. Flexible curved silicone scrapers transfer ingredients from cutting board to bowl or pan. Scrape batter from mixing bowls. Steel core on the flexible scrapers allows firm handling control