Ciaté Emerald Collection

Indulge in 3 full-size nail textures at almost half of the price compared to buying all 3 original wow kits, making this kit both pretty and money-saving, just what we love. Introducing the color of the year: Emerald. This iconic shade embodies all things elegant and luxe and has been used to give a twist to the hero textures from within the Ciaté range: Sequin, Velvet and Caviar. The Ciate Emerald collection includes:
  • full-size Ditch the Heels paint pot
  • Velvet Shaker in Chauffeur
  • pot of Sequins in Penthouse
  • extra special Emerald Caviar blend in Ball Gown
  • funnel
  • little black brush
  • mini tray to keep your mani tidy
  • Emerald collection including:
0.46-oz. Ditch the Heels nail polish 0.68-oz. Caviar Pearls 0.35-oz. Sequins 0.3-oz. Crushed Velvet
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