Container Store 22 oz. Ergo Polar BottleTM Yellow Flowers

3" diam. x 10" h 
Chill out with our Ergo Polar Bottle™! Chilled water stays cool 2X longer in this doublewalled bottle than it does in a single-walled bottle! The reflective foil layer between the double walls reflects the sun's rays for added insulation. Ergo Polar Bottle™ also comes with the brand new Half Twist™ no spill cap which allows you to drink by simply matching up the water droplet on the cap with the water droplet on the bottle, and seal back for no spills with a twist back!
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Medical grade silicon gasket
  • Fits standard bike cages
  • Freezer- and top rack dishwasher-safe
  • Made in the USA
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