Crate & Barrel "The Best Craft Cocktails"

Noted bartender Jeremy LeBlanc shares his signature techniques and one-of a kind recipes in a bartending guide designed for both experts and beginners. Beautifully illustrated, the book features handcrafted cocktail recipes such as the Whiskey Pig, which a bacon-washed whiskey, a Rhubarb Mojito, and a refreshing berry cocktail called Smithey's Smash. With chapters dedicated to aperitifs, classics with a twist, exotic cocktails, refreshers and punches, there is truly a drink for every person and every occasion that features fresh ingredients and homemade, wholefood mixes and syrups. "The Best Craft Cocktails". 6.25"Wx9.75"H
  • By Jeremy LeBlanc and Christine Dionese
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Made in USA
Crate & Barrel
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