Cuisinart Cordless Immersion Blender

Versatile tool reaches deep into pots and bowls—no cord to get in the way. Stainless steel design with ergonomic plastic grip, powerful motor and one-step power switch. Charger handle plugs directly into a wall outlet. Includes whisk and chopping attachments, plus 16-oz. measuring/mixing cup. 161⁄2" x 21⁄2". Manufacturer: Cuisinart Model: CSB-78 Includes: Blender, whisk attachment, chopper attachment, measuring/mixing cup Care: Hand wash Dimensions: 161⁄2" x 21⁄2" Material: Stainless steel and plastic BENEFITS: Easily reaches into deep bowls and pots. Cordless design makes it portable and won't restrict your movement. Ergonomic grip. Powerful motor runs up to 20 minutes on a charge. One-step power switch. Charger is compact and plugs into wall outlets. Includes whisk and chopping attachments, plus a measuring/mixing cup.
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