Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1-7/10 Liter Cordless Electric Kettle, Stainless Steel


Easier Than Boiling Water
For tea to reach its full flavor, it should be steeped at just the right temperature. The Cuisinart: PerfecTemp Electric Kettle has 6 preset temperatures for different varieties of tea. 1500 watts provide fast heat-up and a Keep Warm option will maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes.
Cuisinart: PerfecTemp Electric Kettle:
  • 1.7-liter capacity
  • 6 preset temperatures
  • One-touch controls with blue LED indicators
  • 30-minute Keep Warm option
  • Memory feature allows kettle to be lifted off base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the brewing process
  • 1500 watts for fast heat-up
  • BPA free

Dimensions:Measures 8.8 in. x 6.1 in. x 9.75 in.
A Closer Look:
The kettle can even be removed from the power base for up to 2 minutes without shutting off. Cuisinart continues to make life civilized, easy and delicious.
Take Care: The PerfecTemp Electric Kettle has a removable/cleanable scale filter.
About the Brand
When the food processor was introduced in 1973, it wasn't known as a food processor; it was commonly referred to as a Cuisinart. The rest is culinary history. Savor the good life with Cuisinart.