Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Pan


Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Pan
Now you can create delicious pizzas on your grill with the Cuisinart pizza grilling pan. This unique piece of non-stick outdoor cookware is designed with perforations that help to infuse your pizza with the natural flavors of your barbecue. The 12-inch diameter is perfect for a family or kids and conveniently fits most grills. The heat resistant folding handle is also removable so storage is easy and your grill lid can fully close when cooking.
  • Pizza pan measures 12-inch in diameter
  • Non-stick coating is perfect for grilling and easy to clean
  • Heat resistant folding handle allows for convenient space-saving storage after use
  • Perforated pan allows for better grilled flavor
  • Removable handle let you fully close grill lid during cooking

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