Cuisinart Spare Bottle for Sparkling Beverage Maker, 1-liter

set of 1, set of 2 
Keep extra Cuisinart bottles of refreshing carbonated beverages refrigerated and ready to serve. Spare bottle keeps your favorite carbonated drink chilled and ready to serve&149; Enjoy refreshingly homemade and chilled sparkling water, soda and energy drinks any time&149; 1-liter soda bottle holds and dispenses four 8-oz. servings&149; Make and refrigerate carbonated beverages before parties and entertaining&149; Air-tight cap keeps the fizz in all your favorite carbonated beverages&149; Designed for use with the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker (SMS-201 andor SMS-216 series)&149; Environmentally safe and BPA-free&149; Specially grooved connector easily fits the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker&149; Hand wash only