Darphin Cleansing Foam Gel with Water Lily

A refreshing Darphin cleansing gel for all skin types with a fragrance that brings a splash of freshness while moisturizing and strengthening the skin's barrier. This mild, water-based cleanser gently and effectively removes make-up and impurities as it softens and refreshes. Benefits:
  • Complexion is left healthy-looking.
  • Skin is clean, refreshed, soft and supple.
  • Neutralizes the drying effects of tap water.
  • A crystal clear texture with a delicate, fresh fragrance that turns into light-as-air foam.
  • Ultra gentle, non-drying, non comedogenic formula.
  • Dermatologist tested.
Key Ingredients :
  • Water Lily, Barberry and Polygala Extract, Coco and Sunflower Fatty Acid Derivatives.
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