Dr. Brandt Skincare Xtend Your Youth Face Cream

Youth lifeguard moisturizer provides 12 hour antioxidant protection, 900% more potent than commercial tea extracts.* Formulated with Dr. Brandt's revolutionary A3 power, a dynamic shield boosted with antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-stress ingredients. Technology: New, innovative, exclusive extraction process. Key Ingredients: Green tea. white tea, grape seed: Antioxidants extracted through new, innovative and exclusive extraction process. 900% more potent antioxidant protection (compared to commercial teas) 12 hours protection against free radicals and skin aggressors. Dermashield: Red rose-winePro-taurine osmanthus flower, anti-stress, minimizes stress and inflammation, detoxifies skin cells, protects skin from external aggressions: pollution, electromagnetic radiation, smoke. Prevents degradation of collagen fibers caused by glycation. Murumuru shea kokum butters: Anti aging hydrating, Exotic botanical butters from Amazon, Africa and India. Composed of ceramids, to seal the cells and protect them. Moisturizes & protects against moisture loss. Benefits: Smooth fine lines & repair first signs of aging Soothe & protect skin from oxidative stress & inflammation Soften & hydrate** Prevent premature aging due to stress & environmental aggressors. *In-vitro test measure of activity of Dr. Brandt's signature antioxidant tri blend composed of green tea, white tea & grape seed vs. combined activity of commercial tea extracts **Moisturizes the upper skin layers with exotic blend of natural emollients and moisturizers (1.7 oz.).
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