Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Dr. Dennis Gross SkincareTM Age Erase Recovery Mask (Nordstrom Exclusive)

One Size 
Age Erase Recovery Mask with Mega 10 Plus immediately plumps skin, leaving it firmer, smoother and younger-looking. Active vitamin D enhances the benefits of the essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients found in the formula. A luxurious, self-heating 'spa treatment at home,' this mask immediately rejuvenates skin, providing the perfect solution to a dull, dry and lackluster complexion. It increases circulation to enhance radiance and provide an immediate glow. Benefits: - Mega 10 Plus provides visible firming and intense moisture. - Multiple anti-aging ingredients are enhanced by active vitamin D. - Unique self-heating mask improves product penetration, soothes and promotes relaxation. Key ingredients: - Vitamins A, B, C, and E prevent collagen breakdown. - Vitamin D relieves dry skin and helps prevent the signs of aging and skin damage. - Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps skin. - Green tea extract protects against free radicals and environmental toxins. - Phospholipids draw moisture from the air and seal it into the skin.
  • Includes six applications.
  • By Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare.
  • Exclusively ours.
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