Elfa Activity Room Shelving White

8' x 8' 
From stamping and scrapbooking to knitting and sewing, elfa can organize all of your hobbies. Plus, it can transform your space into a place where the family can enjoy creative time together. Adjustable shelves are infinitely customizable and are generously sized to hold anything you need to store. An elfa desk and elfa Kids' Coloring Table are sold separately to complete the solution. As your child grows, the table is easily reconfigured to a standard desk height by adding additional elfa components. This solution requires a wall at least 105" in width. If this doesn't fit your space, please contact us so we can design the perfect solution for you with our free service!
  • Horizontal Top Track is the only piece mounted to the wall
  • Exceptionally durable epoxy-bonded steel construction
  • Drawers provide excellent visibility and accessibility to the contents
  • No formaldehyde was used in manufacturing our elfa Solid Shelves and Desk Tops
$588.18 $409.48
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